Bender Coaching

Roderik Bender

Life Coach and Psychologist

for Executives and Professionals

Since 1995

Profile of Roderik Bender

After obtaining his Master's degree in Work and Organizational Psychology at Free University of Amsterdam, Roderik Bender started coaching and training executives and professionals. He is licenced as supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York and listed at the Dutch Institute for Psychologists (NIP).

Because Roderik has been coaching and training since 1995, he has seen a variety of organizations from the inside. He understands the complexity and (in)formal mechanisms that can make work challenging.
He is an all-around coach who helps clients work on their inner beliefs and mindset, but he is equally at equipped helping them tackle issues related to communication with others, managing people and career management.

Roderik trained professionals in China, the United States, Surinam, Belgium and Switzerland.

Roderik is the (co)author of several books on (self)management, stress and communication. One of his books is available in English ( 'How do I turn a mountain back into a molehill' ).

Roderik Bender Coach

Can Roderik help you?

Roderik Bender has seen a wide variety of cases in over 20 years of coaching. Here are some examples of common cases in his coaching practice:

  • Executives in complex environments: leadership requires both strategic and pragmatic skills in order to get decisions supported by all stakeholders. Also by those who are not easy to convince or those who are not willing to change.

  • Professionals (like medical practitioners and lawyers) with professional challenges and work stress.

  • Expatriates that are required to adapt to a new work environment with lots of cultural differences.

  • People with questions concerning their career development; 'Do I keep my current position which is becoming less satisfactory - but which provides me with job security - or should I aim for work that is more challenging?'

  • People who put a lot of effort in their work but experience a decline in their impact. What pattern is responsible for this decline?

  • Executives who want to be more effective and have more impact in their leadership. Managers that want to improve their conflict handling skills.

  • Women seeking to be effective in a male dominated work environment without being untrue to their default style.

  • Life coaches and trainers that seek to practice and improve their methods and techniques.
  • People dealing with periods of professional or personal stress,


Everyone now and then doubts their style and approach. And that is a good thing.
Sometimes it is hard to change your method of getting things done, even though you notice your way is not as successful as it was.

A good coach like Roderik helps you clarify what it is that gets in the way of your success. He helps you sharpen your approach and he guides you through your change. The tooling Roderik uses vary and are dependent on the case. He is trained in various methods and models, amongst others Situatuonal Leaderrship. RET (Rational Emotive Training), Coactive coaching, Positive Psychology and Leary,

Roderik does not believe in dramatizing things. He believes in 'de-problematizing'. His coaching is aimed at quick and practical but sustainable results.

The starting point of coaching usually is an intake to clarify your request for change. Depending on the nature of your question, further sessions may follow.

In some cases Roderik will agree to coach on weekend days or outside office hours. Skype sessions are also possible.


Read some quotes from clients on Roderik:
Full references (in dutch)

By asking questions and by using metaphors and roleplay I learned from Roderik how I can control and manage ... thoughts. This way did I learn not only to achieve my goals, but moreover to deal with various difficult situations. I have more pleasure in my work now.

Under guidance of Roderik I gained more insight into beliefs that I have and strategies that I employ in difficult situations at my work in the hospital.

Roderik taught me that the feeling I have about situations or developments in my life are completely dependent on the way I perceive my situation and the judgment I have about that.

Roderik offered me confidence and security combined with a sense of relativation and fun.
I learned to get in better touch with my own strength and vulnerability, and to react from there. I am more autonomous and connected now, both personally and professionally.


Roderik is (co-)author of six selfmanagement books, His book How Can I Turn a Mountain back into a Molehill is also available in English and German.

Other Specialties


Since 1995 Roderik has worked as a trainer. At Schouten & Nelissen he provided training on leadership, stress management, advisory skills and didactical skills amongst others. Training trainers, coaches and therapists he later pursued for various organisations like De Galan School voor Training.


Roderik works as a speaker at congresses, providing humorous and inspiring views  on organisations and the behaviour of the people working in them. His talks are aimed at the current topic and audience, yet provide a different viewpoint on organisations and human psychology.

Counselor and RET Supervisor

As a trained Cognitive Therapist and Supervisor associated with the Albert Ellis Institute for REBT in New York, Roderik works as counselor and supervisor for professionals in the field of Psychology.